KNOPAREN / Photo art by Anna M Lönedal

The pictures are produced in an edition of fifteen copies with a certificate of authenticity. All pictures can be ordered in any format and on different types of photo paper or canvas. Knoparen & Knopargajen The male and female chimney sweeps are called knopare and knopargaj in the secret soot language "knoparmoj". The chimney sweep has always been dominated by men, but the fact that more and more women are getting their eyes on the profession was something I felt I wanted to include in the exhibition. The photographer who goes to work for a bit in the image making of the world's most traditionally loyal and professional corps must either be extremely brave, completely crazy or go with secret dreams of a whole new career. Admittedly, I might be pretty tough and definitely more than legally crazy, but not so much that I was going to go over that limit. Not a chance. Then the chimney sweep master Håkan Källqvist and his so-called apprentice daughter Mathilda stepped into the photo studio with a fun idea, and then it went as it went, I get the boon's blessing for the possible violation of perpetuating a pretended family rupture about a seat belt simply stand my throw and sneak out the back way. In the series Knoparen & Knopargajen, I and my newfound genuine chimney sweep models from Varaslätten want to pay tribute to the entire female soot force, but also all you other strong women out there who dare to take their place. And also stand for it ... Anna M Lönedal Fotokonstnär

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