Midjebyxa Snickers 6247 Allround Work Stretch Dam

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Product Description:
This holster women's trousers are made of a full stretch material that creates flexibility and comfort. The fabric's 2-way stretch is complemented by panels in the 4-way stretch at the back which provide optimal freedom of movement. Cordura® reinforced Kneeguard ™ pockets for extra comfort and protection. Holster, thumbstick and outer pockets for easy access to tool storage and Cordura® reinforcement for extra durability. Material: 251g / m² 2-way stretch twill 47% cotton, 31% polyester, 22% elastane with 4-way stretch 91.5% polyamide, 8.5% elastane. Reinforced with stretch Cordura® 100% polyester and 100% Cordura® polyamide. Washing thread: Machine wash 40 degrees.
EN 14404 - knee protection

Article No: 664364

Lev. Article No: 62470404040

Ean Part No: 7332515300294

Material class TP1530

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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