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Stunning hand-sawn silhouette with feet set in windows or hang on the wall. Made by artist Roberto Spairani, Arte del Legno Silhouettes in Legno: We certify that the item is made of birch wood and fretwork is part of the original collection "Silhouettes", signed by "Arte del Legno snc" Bereguardo (Pavia). This is absolutely exclusive items, known as "shadows", is an undeniable touch of class to any type of environment. It is polished birch, fretwork, handmade (not laser) painted with dark colors that simulate the effect of shadow puppetry. A perfect combination of grace and elegant simplicity, these items make an admirable decorative element that enriches the environment in which they are placed. Can be set at will or be hung on the wall. These are unique and are available in single copy which makes them true element of artistic collections.

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