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Dizzying highs

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DISAPPOINTING HIGHER - New theme in the Sotar exhibition begins with heavenly heat ...
"Flaming Fabian" Lindblad, a chimney sweep model and chimney sweep apprentice in Sotargruppen Västra, portrays in the theme's first image - Holy Sacrifice - a well-known figure within the trinity with most connections to the knot system.
The image is inspired by William Blakes (British poet, mystic, artist, etc ..) "The Chimney Sweeper"; which describes his distaste for how innocent young children were sent up to (often) meet their Savior in the chimneys - while the church, and an equally corrupt society, in the name of the Lord stood below and cheered on ...

The next image in the new theme Dizzying Heights "Coffins of black" continues in William Blake's footsteps. In this dark theme, Fabian Lindblad depicts a sad era in the chimney sweep's history. A time when wealth and religion made parents believe that the child who was sold as a chimney sweep would either make money for the poor family - or face his fate and continue to a better world ...
"And so he was quiet; and that very night,
As Tom was a-sleeping, he had such a sight, -
That thousands of sweepers, Dick, Joe, Ned, and Jack,
Were all of them locked up in coffins of black ... "
William Blake, Songs of Innocence: The Chimney Sweeper (1789)

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